Our History

Our company dates back to 1985 when it was founded by Timothy J. Grimes.

In the early days, there were few truly independent wealth management firms, and most investment advice was given by commission-based representatives of large regional and national firms. Even then, Tim had a vision of providing objective, customized advice and guidance on a fee basis to eliminate the conflict of interest that can sometimes exist with commissionable products.

In many ways, Tim was a pioneer in the industry. He recognized the value in becoming a CFP® Practitioner (Certified Financial Planner), and earned the designation early in his career. He was also an early adaptor of the discretionary, fee based asset management model that has become an industry standard today.

Kevin T. Grimes, CFA, CFP® joined his father in 1998 and soon began building out the firm’s infrastructure, with a heavy emphasis on investment management. Kevin’s primary focus has been leading the Investment Committee and serving as Chief Investment Officer. In this capacity, he and his team created several successful, proprietary investment strategies, and they continue to cultivate new ideas to continuously offer clients a dynamic suite of investment solutions.

In 2015, Kevin stepped into the role of President, and Tim graduated to the title of Founder and Chairman. As President, Kevin’s focus is the strategic vision of the firm, effectively managing the talented teams, and continuing to thoughtfully grow the firm.

The firm originally started as a family business, and there are still four family members involved today. But what started as a sole proprietorship over thirty years ago has evolved into the firm it is today, with discretionary assets under management of approximately $3 billion, over thirty employees, and clients across the country.

The Grimes family is one that identifies with the ocean and has multigenerational roots to Cape Cod. The lighthouse in the Grimes & Company logo is reminiscent of the firm’s early days. Before voicemail, everyone in the office had a lighthouse figurine, and the receptionist would leave messages under the lighthouse. But the image is more than that; it represents the firm’s investment philosophy of trying to minimize risk while serving as a trusted guide to clients through both good and bad times.