Foundations & Endowments

Grimes & Company works with non-profit organizations to help them and their investment committees manage their endowment.   This process usually begins with a review of the organization’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to make sure it is consistent with the goals of the organization.  As part of our overall service, we often draft a new IPS or revise an existing one so that it can act as guideline for both the investment committee and consultant to be referenced for years.  Included in this process would be a review of the endowment’s purpose, spending policy, asset allocation targets, and manager screening process.

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Grimes & Company can provide an unbiased approach to screening for and ongoing monitoring of investment managers.  We are often hired on a discretionary basis, where we will hire and fire asset managers based upon our on-going monitoring and due diligence.  Working within the parameters established by the investment committee and IPS, we would function more as an outsourced CIO.  Given the turnover that often takes place on many investment committees, some organizations prefer to have this higher degree of oversight rather than relying on a committee to make tactical allocation decisions or what can be a cumbersome process of screening for managers.  

We are also comfortable working on a non-discretionary basis where we will work with a committee to discuss any changes.  Under this scenario, portfolio allocation and monitoring of investment managers would usually be reviewed on a quarterly basis with a committee.  In this capacity, the ultimate decision about which managers to hire and fire would lie with the committee.

Regardless of the manner in which we are hired by an organization, we are dedicated to providing independent, unbiased advice to you and your organization to help meet your overall goal.