Our Process

Share Information

We understand that financial management is a two way street. Our first conversation is as much of an interview for you as it is for us. We start by conveying Grimes’ investment strategy and planning philosophies to ensure mutual understanding of future financial management directions. We then establish goals and gather basic information about your current financial status.
Click here to learn more about our investment philosophy and strategies.

Develop Plan

The information gathered helps us develop a blueprint to outline how your investments will be structured at Grimes, and more importantly, how they will fit into your entire financial portfolio, including real estate, private investments, and outside assets.  The Investment Policy Statement defines these items and serves as a mutual agreement of our plans going forward.  Click here to learn more about our Investment Policy Statement.

Gather Assets

The next step in the financial management process is to open accounts and transfer funds to one of Grimes’ three custodians. A Client Service Manager will personally assist you with the paperwork, filling in as much information as possible prior to meeting or sending to you. We prefer to transfer all securities “in-kind” whenever we can. This means the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. you currently hold transfer over to your new account without being sold, and therefore without any tax consequences. We are sensitive to each client’s tax situation, and make sure to gather as much cost basis information as possible prior to placing any trades in the account.

Build Portfolio

After confirming the details of the Investment Policy Statement and any applicable tax consequences of placing trades, we start to build the investment portfolio. Each of our clients is given the option of online access to their accounts so they can view balance and transaction details at any time. Additionally, we will link your Grimes investment accounts to our financial planning interface and give you remote access so you can see how transactions impact your future goals. For a more holistic picture of your financial portfolio, you can even link accounts not managed by Grimes (mortgage, credit cards, brokerage accounts, etc.).

Review and Revise

We firmly believe that financial management is a dynamic, ever changing process. That’s why we continuously monitor market conditions and economic trends, and communicate regularly with you to get an update on any changes in your personal or financial life. We use these conditions, trends, and life changes to adjust the overall allocation of your portfolio as well as the underlying securities that framework the accounts. Click here to learn more about our stock screening and selection process and here to learn more about how we prepare clients for retirement.

Client Service

Encompassing all stages of our process is our unparalleled level of client service.  While clients may choose to open an account with us because of our expertise and experience in financial management, we truly feel service is reason we have such a high client retention rate.  Our clients continuously praise our Client Service Managers for going above and beyond what they have experienced at other firms and what they initially expected from us.  No call is ever routed directly to voicemail, and you will always hear a human voice answering the phone during normal business hours. Click here to learn more about our Client Service Managers and other members of our team.