Managed Allocation Portfolio (MAP) Equity

The basic premise behind MAP Equity is to determine the target weightings for stock subclasses then tactically overweight and underweight areas of the global equity markets.  Examples of equity subclasses include domestic large, mid and small cap stocks, emerging markets, and developed foreign market regions.  The engine that drives MAP strategies is our FV/RT process, which quantitatively measures the relative attractiveness of equity subclasses with regard to Fundamentals, Valuations, Risk and Trend scores. 

Our advisors can choose between actively managed open-end mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETF’s) to populate specific client accounts.  Additionally, a proprietary Technical Overlay is an option that may be utilized in an effort to systematically reduce exposure when volatility and trend factors signal adverse market conditions. Satellite portions of MAP strategies can also be used as diversifying building blocks alongside other proprietary strategies.